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 The Sochi Project.
 An Atlas of War and Tourism in the Caucasus benschuyler:

Thankful for all of the friends near and far who helped me ring in my 25th year. I really can’t express how blessed the people who surround me and encourage me make me feel. For you guys, I am so thankful.  As you likely know, I am doing a charity:water campaign that has coincided with my 25th birthday. It gives me total joy to be able to say that $1420 has been raised so far, and 100% of that money given goes directly towards funding clean water projects!
World Water Day is coming up this Saturday, March 22nd. I highly encourage you to do whatever you can to help, whether it’s sharing a picture, posting a tweet, or giving any amount of money.  In this generation, we have an incredible opportunity to truly impact our world through so many means. Do something. Don’t be complacent. Change your world. I promise you won’t regret it.

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Wastewater Treatment Plant, Florida Panhandle 2007